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Matches 1 to 24 of 24 for Tree equals Peplers and Peplows AND Branch equals 1506 Descendents of N Pepelow of Pomerania

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F6158
Biscoff Peplow, Auguste Henriette Johanna   
2 F4739
Bohse, Johann Wilhelm Theodor Paeplow, Christiane Juliana Friedericke 13 Dec 1840 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
3 F6155
Bottermann, Friedrich Michael Elias Pepelow, Henrietta Maria Jacobine   
4 F4738
Diedrich, Heinrich Christoph Paeplow, Friedericke Christine Johanna 11 May 1828 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
5 F6159
Gogge Peplow, Christiana Maria Johanna   
6 F4741
Maue, Wilken Pepelow, Anna 24 Apr 1716 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
7 F4742
Pepelow, Frenss Wolt, Caterina 24 Apr 1716 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
8 F4735
Pepelow, Hans Krohn, Anne 19 Nov 1717 Könitz, Thüringen, Germany  
9 F4745
Pepelow, Hinrich Schnickel, Catharina Eupemia   
10 F4737
Pepelow, Jacob Riekerman, Anne 1670 Teschvitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany  
11 F4740
Pepelow, Jacob Wendt, Judith 10 Oct 1718 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
12 F4749
Pepelow, Michael wife of Michael   
13 F4750
Pepelow, N. Wife of N Pepelow   
14 F3292
Pepelow, Peter Quinnesch, Grete 3 Sep 1684 Teschvitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany  
15 F4743
Pepelow, Wilcken Maue, Judith Ilsabe 13 Oct 1746 Pomerania, Poland  
16 F4746
Pepelow, Wilken Melchoir Pepelow, Judith Maria 1 Nov 1781 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
17 F4736
Peplow, Christoph Gottleib Ehrke, Engel Catharina 11 Dec 1801 Germany  
18 F6157
Peplow, Friedrich Christoph Regina Maria Jacobina Kump   
19 F6156
Peplow, Johann Friedrich Ulrich Gathan, Maria Catharina   
20 F4747
Peplow, Jurgen Christoph Wittmutz, Christiana Sophia Margaretha 21 Feb 1815 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
21 F4734
Peplow, Peter Stegeman, Maria Gerdruth 26 Apr 1759 Könitz, Prussia  
22 F4744
Schnickel, Hinrich Pepelow, Ilsabe 11 Nov 1723 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
23 F2395
Wagner, Johann Christian Peplow, Henriette Christina Christophina 12 Nov 1826 Rugen, Mecklenburg-Voerpommern, Germany  
24 F4748
Zilm, Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Peplow, Sophie Caroline Johanne