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Some German Pepplers by Ian

Musings on the origin of the 1501 family

Paul Peppler was my great grandfather also. Apart from occupation as a
 sailor he was also a mail contractor, funeral parlour operator, sexton,
 caretaker, hansom cab operator and general factotum!
Here (Australia) German immigrants had to take what work they could as they were
 generally poor and often indentured when they first migrated.
Albert Peppler was a cabinet maker, but in Germany had worked for the
 German railways. He apparently was a succesful businessman in NZ.
I doubt there is any direct connection to UK Peplers, though some may
 have migrated to the UK from their origins in Germany. The brewing
 occupation may also be consistent with Hesse Pepplers and Beplers.

Re parents I have tried to find them in Mecklenburg Schwerin without
 success from 1817 Lutheran census. I suspect they either migrated there
 after then, or perhaps were Catholic or less likely, Jewish. 
The name Pepler, Bepler and Peppler in Kinzenbach and Giessen areas in
 the middle ages was from a Catholic area of Germany; and there was also
 a large German Jewish community in Frankfurt near Giessen and
 Kinzenwald - but I have been unable to trace back that far. In the Giessen area
 they were brewers and teachers. 
In Mecklenberg Strelitz next door to Mecklenburg Schwerin there were
 Peppler hereditary hangmen and teachers and they seem to have come from
 the Giessen area but I have no connection proven to them.

TheSouth German: nickname from an agent derivative of Middle High
 German pepelen ?to feed or suckle (someone)?.
Ref. Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN
 0-19-508137-4 name itself possibly had origin meanings of being cared
 for or succored as a foundling in the Middle Ages.

Owner/SourceIan Miller
AlbumsFamily Group 1501

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