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Conviction Under The Fisheries Act - At Shrewsbury on Thursday, Joseph and James peplow Fisherman was charged before the Mayor and Charles Lloyd Esq. by Samuel Peate, a conservatot of the Severn, with having sold an unseasonable or old salmon, by which they forfeited a su not exceeding £10 or not less than £5. They Both Pleaded guilty to the charge and in extenaution said there were induced to sell the fish throuh real starvation. They said they where obliged to live on a shilling on sunday, which Mr Shaw llent them, and on Monday althrough it blew a gale, they went out to fish and that having caught the fish there went out and sold it to buy food for themselves.The Mayor said he and his brother magisrate were very sorry that the defendants had placed themselves in a position. The Law made it imperative to impose a summary penalty for such an offence they where compelled to inflict a fine of £5 the lowest in there power and in defult of payment two months imprisonment with hard labourer. The defendants begged for time to pay the money but as the act is imperative a distress warrant will be issued against their goods if it is not immediately paid. The Mayor ordered the fish to be publicly burnt.

Newspaper Article of Joseph and James Peplow Conviction

Conviction under of Fisheries Act of Joseph and James Peplow

Owner/SourceBerrow's Worcester Journal
Date1 Feb 1849
Place, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom
Linked toPeplow, James 2008; Peplow, Joseph 2018

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