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The Duke’s Sword circa 1694

The Duke’s Sword circa 1694


From: Memoirs of Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester 1689 – 1697 by Jenkin Lewis

(published in 1789)


P. 21 (some of the f’s are s’s)

“About this time (April 1694), there came Scotch regiments of dragoons to be viewed by

the King in Hyde Park; they were as good troops to the fight as ever I faw; the

officers being accoutred, like the troops, with caps and fuzees, and great bafket-

hilted fwords, very long: everybody was faying, what fine troops they were. The Duke

(of Gloucester), taking notice of the fafhion of their fwords, turned to me, and

ordered me to go to his fword cutler, Mr. Peploe, and tell him to make fuch an one for

him. I faid, Yes, to pleafe him; but was afraid to go without Mrs. Atkinfon’s orders.

Mr Peploe coming to Camden Houfe the Sunday following, the Duke afked him, if his

fword was ready; who anfwered his Highnefs, that he knew nothing of it: he turned to

me very angrily, and afked me, why I had not obeyed his orders; and went crying to

Mrs. Atkinfon, to tell her that he muft hve fuch a fword; which he obtained, and would

often fwagger about the prefence-room with it on.”


“My Lord Churchill was a bold fpirited youth, and not above two or three years older

than the Duke, when he was admitted by him a Lieutenant-General. Mrs. Atkinfon invited

Lady Harriot and Lady Anne Churchill one day to dine with her, in her chamber, and

fpend the day; Lord Churchill came with them. Mrs. Wanley afked his Lordfhip, if he

would go with the Duke (of Marlborough)? who anfwered, brifkly, “Yes, I will!” – “What

if your are killed?” faid fhe. “I do not care!” which the Duke hearing, took a fecret

delight in him from that moment. My Lord admired the Duke’s Highland fword, which was

readily beftowed on his Lordfhip, by the Duke, although he was very fond of it,

faying, he would befpeak another.

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