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The Pepplers of Hessen and Mecklenburg in Germany

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The Pepplers of Hessen and Mecklenburg in Germany

I first began researching the Pepplers when I intended to go to USA to work in 1971 and found I had German relatives in Texas.

It had been quite a surprise to find that my grandmother’s family was German, and Paul Peter Heinrich Peppler my great grandfather, and Julianna Friedericke Chrisiane Mierow were a bit of a mystery. Anyway their origins have now been partly traced.

In the south of Germany ‘B’ and ‘P’ are pronounced as ‘P’, so the spelling variations following do not mean the names are different, just variants of spelling in a pre-literate era.


1.      The first Peppler known is Peter Böppeler (1616 – 1687) born in Ulrichstein in the Vogelsberg mountains in Hessen, north east of Frankfurt. He was a miller in Niederzell/ Schlüchtern from 1640 until 1675 and died in Niederzell 6 April 1687. Niederzell is a village about 53 km south east from Ulrichstein,

Ulrichstein was a very poor area in the Vogelsberg mountains, and had several Jewish settlers in the middle ages, though all of the known Pepplers were Evangelical Lutheran and often associated with schools in the locality of the village church.


2.      His son Johannes Pöpeler (1638-1727) also born in Ulrichstein died in Zeitlofs where his youngest son lived, about 21 km from Niederzell. near Altengronau.

He was also a miller in Niederzell/ Schlüchtern, in Vollmerz in 1694, and later in Roßbach near Brückenau.  This is about 7 km from Altengronau. Bad Brückenau

Is a spa town about 14 km from Altengronau.


3.      Johann Conrad Pebler (1670- 1735 ) born in the county of Hanau, closer to Frankfurt, was married  to Anna Paulina before 1695 and was successively:

1698-1699 miller of a mill near Alltengronau

1700-1711 assistant miller at Langendiebach

8 Sep1711 citizen of Hanau

1711 -1716 miller at the Kinnzigbrücke in Hanau

1719 in people’s organist near Brükkkenau

He died 27 Oct 1735




4.      Johan Kaspar Pebler (Päbler) (1698-1739) was born in Altengronau.

He was a teacher in Eckartsborn from 1716-1718,’second teacher and bell ringer in Dauernheim 1718-1739. School Admissions administrator and Staff Member at the School. He was married in 1719 to Sophie Catharina Beck in 1719 at Dauernheim.


5.      Johann Heinrich Pebler (1729-1795)

Born in Dauernheim/ Wetterau 2 Feb.1729,

He was in Effolderbach in 1751-1790,

Magistrates court clerk in 1753-1784 and again in 1791-1795;

He was described as having “useful, but very restless head ", therefore, in 1790 was retired as a teacher; Obviously not a follower of authority.

He was married twice m.   I. ..., Anna Elisabetha Winther , died in Effolderbach in 1755, at only 25 years of age;  m.  II. In Effolderbach 5 Feb. 1756 

He died in Effolderbach 13 Jul.1795,


6.      Johann Heinrich Pepler (1757-1807)


born 17 Sep 1757 at Effolderbach/Wetterau

School administrator in Leidkecken in 1778 for 22 weeks,

then school master in Blofeld until January 1783,

thereafter praeceptor in Grossen-Linden.

He married Luise Friedericke Kayser, born in Echzell 14 Nov 1755, at Blofeld in 1779. She died on 7 Jun 1831.

He died on 31 Jan 1807 at Grossen-Linden.

The present day school is near the Lutheran church in the village.


7.      Johann Heinrich Christian Ludwig Peppler (1785-1861)

Born 8 Jan 1785 Grossen Linden near Giessen, Germany

Christened 11 Jan 1785 Evangelisch, Grossenlinden, Oberhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt


He was the eldest son of Johann Heinrich Pebler in Gr. Linden / Hessen Darmstadt.


He migrated from Grossen Linden at some time during the Napoleonic Wars before 1807. Hessen was a member of Napoleon’s Confederation of the Rhine. Two of his brothers served in the Hessian army. One brother Johann Phillip  was killed in a battle against the Austrians outside Vienna, the other Johann Heinrich Friedrich was in Napoleon’s Grand Army at the Battle of Borodino outside Moscow, and was captured in Poland  in 1812 and was imprisoned in the German settlements on the Volga by the Russians. He was later repatriated and died in Marburg in Hessen.


Johann Heinrich Christian Ludwig was at one time a forester in Echzell.

In 1813 he is shown as a Nachrichter (Executioner) in  Altstrelitz, 1814 to 1824:

P?chter d. Scharfrichterei in Strelitz [ Strelitz-Alt bzw. Altstrelitz ] , (tenant of the Scharfrichterei)

* … ( 1785 ) [ 1813: 28 J.] ( P: Strelitz 09 May1817, 20 Jun 1819,

12 Nov 1820 )


He married  Johanne Catharine Louise Brandt at Neubrandenburg - St. Marien Kirche 07 May1813 . This church in Neubrandenburg is still in use as a concert Hall in the Neubrandenburg market place square. The church is of red brick construction, like many churches in the north of Germany because of lack of rock for construction.

She was the daughter of the Executioner (Scharfrichter) in Neubrandenburg. It is believed that the latter’s  duties were to act as a vet and health officer, and later the executioner’s widow traded in leather goods from cattle and sheep hides.

Died 23 Dec 1861 Mecklenburg?

8.      Heinrich Christian Friedrich Peppler

( Master Schoolmaster in Güstrow, and Hagenow)

Born 11 Dec1818 Strelitz, Mecklenburg Strelitz

Christened 7 Feb 1819 Strelitz, Mecklenburg Strelitz

Died 5 Feb 1865 Hagenow (AG. Hagenow), Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

Buried 8 Feb 1865 Hagenow, Mecklenburg

Father Johann Heinrich Christian Ludwig Pebler (1785-1861)

Mother Johanne Catharine Louise Brandt (1783- )

Marriage 2 Apr 1841 Eickelberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

He was shown as a farmer in one recordin Altona, and probably worked as a farm labourer in Eickelberg. Eickelberg was probably a Gut and the village grew around the farm.

Wife Friederike Maria Sophia Wrede

Born 20 May 1820 Klein Görnow By Sternberg, Mecklenburg/Eickelberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

Christened 22 May 1820 Klein Görnow By Sternberg, Mecklenburg

Died 22 Feb 1860 Hagenow, Mecklenburg

Buried 25 Feb 1860 Hagenow, Mecklenburg

Father Christian Jochen Friderich Wrede (1789-1857)

Mother Maria Dorothea Schröder ( - )

Both parents died at young ages, so the surviving children were orphaned and were living in other families in the Mecklenburg census of 1867. 

Two brothers, Paul Peter Heinrich Peppler (b. 1853 in Bützow) and

August Friedrich Wilhelm Adalbert (’Albert’) Peppler (b. 1851 in Bützow) migrated to Australia and New Zealand in 1878.

One brother Ludwig Friedrich Christian Peppler (b. 1841 Eickelburg) stayed in Mecklenburg.

Paul Peppler was a Sailor, Agricultural Labourer, Newsagent, Fruiterer, Mail Contractor, Hansom Cab Operator, Sexton, Funeral Director, and agent for Alex Gow Funeral Directors in Sandgate.

Albert Peppler was a cabinet Maker in Christchurch NZ, after serving his apprenticeship in Hagenow.  At one time he had the largest cabinet making factory in the Southern Hemisphere. He was also believed to have been Honorary German Consul in Christchurch, but went bankrupt in the Great Depression after his factory burnt down.From records he first went to Adelaide but then to New Zealand.

Both Paul Peppler and Albert Peppler were wanted by Prussian authorities for conscription in the German army in 1883, but both had emigrated by then.              Paul Peppler had been thought to have migrated to the USA from Hamburg.

Ludwig Peppler was a sailor in the Baltic out of Rostock in Mecklenburg.

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