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Family Groups

Explanation of family group numbering


For the Pepler One Name Study, Family Group numbers are used to identify separate lineages.  That is to say, everyone with the same Family Group number descends from a single patriarch.  Listings of an entire family group can be found by it's numbered branch  in the Branches section under the info tab. The icon is a tree branch.

The numbers are 4 digits – the first number gives a very rough idea of the number of descendants with 1 being the largest lineages and 2 being smaller lineages.   The second number gives a clue to origin.  If it is a ‘5’ then the lineage probably has Germanic origins.  A ‘0’ or’9’ indicate an origin on the British Isles.

Family Groups 1900-1, 1900-2, and 1900-3 are the descendants of the three sons of Hew Peplowe and An Jordeine.  Each son founded a very large lineage in their own right (several hundred descendants each) so it was easier to treat them separately.

Pictures, stories, documents and such can be found in an Album dedicated to the Family Group.  If you have any information or items about a given family Group or individual, we would love to hear from you.

A complete list of these groups can be found on the INFO drop down menu under BRANCHES.

We are doing Y-DNA testing to determine if different family groups share a common male ancestor.  So far there have been encouraging results.

DNA has shown that FG 1001 and FG 1900 probably do not have a common ancestor before written records.  Also FG 1502 and FG 1504 should have a common ancestor.  And finally FG 1002 and FG 1005 should have a common ancestor.  On this final case, we think we may have identified where the connection is, we just need the confirming paperwork.

If you are a male Pepler or Peplow , or know a male with the surname, and are willing to swab your cheek and join the DNA hunt……..Please get in touch.  We’ve had less than a dozen males test so far and are already getting helpful results.  If you are not descended from an identified group, a DNA test could find you ancestors.  And if you are part of a group, it could help link your group to another.  You can join the project here.......Pepler DNA Project

AlbumsFamily Group 1001, Family Group 1900-1, Family Group 1002, Family Group 1502, Family Group 1900-2, Family Group 1900-3, Family Group 1504, Marriages - Other

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